JANUARY’S “deceased watford player of the month”

Did you know that Watford had a goalkeeper who played in spectacles? Announcing our “Deceased Watford Player Of The Month” for January – Len Dewick. You can learn about him here: https://hornetheaven.com/len-dewick/ Thanks for listening to Hornet Heaven. Olly & Colin.

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We’d like to wish all our listeners a very merry Christmas with this year’s special episode for the festive season. Listen below, or via your preferred podcast platform, or on Spotify, or by downloading an MP3 file here. GEEKS BEARING GIFTS Can a pair of feuding Watford fans be reconciled by a shared Christmas present […]



Some of our listeners have been wondering whether the story about Watford captain Johnny Meadows (in Series 19 Episode 2) was true or made up. It was true. We’ve written up a short factual account of it here. Separately, we’ve also found another interesting true story (that we thought about writing an episode around) that […]


Hornet Heaven’s 5th Birthday

In July 2016, Colin Mace sat down at a microphone and started to read the first Hornet Heaven story ‘The Turnaround’. I’ll never forget the moment. Colin’s narration was spellbinding. Five years on, there have been 69 Hornet Heaven stories. We’ve covered styles and genres as diverse as supernatural thriller, comedy, radio play, horror, musical, […]

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Volume Four of our paperback series is now available to add to your Watford bookshelf. It contains the stories from Series 9, 10 & 11 plus the Cup Final Specials. (There’s also a corresponding e-book.) It’s only available from Amazon. Click here to visit the page for all four volumes.    


RIP Trefor Jones

We’re feeling bereft at the passing of Trefor Jones — the historian and statistician who did so much to discover and document the history of Watford Football Club. Trefor compiled the magnificent archive that is http://www.watfordfcarchive.co.uk — which he’s left as an astonishingly rich legacy for all Watford fans. We couldn’t have written our stories […]

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All about Hornet Heaven

HORNET HEAVEN is a narrated comedy drama about supporting a football club for life — and beyond. The series is set in a fictional afterlife paradise reserved exclusively for fans of Watford Football Club. In Hornet Heaven, fans can carry on watching Watford for the rest of eternity. Each episode uses real events and real characters — from the present […]

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An Evening In Hornet Heaven

On 28th September 2017, we held a unique event at Vicarage Road. Watford Football Club allowed us to act out one of our Hornet Heaven stories inside the stadium. In our fictional stories, the afterlife paradise for Watford fans exists in a parallel dimension at Vicarage Road. For the event, we thought it would be […]

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