Series 1

THE TURNAROUND (Series 1 Episode 1)

In 2014/5, a Watford fan passes away mid-match and arrives in Hornet Heaven. At the moment of his passing, Watford are losing 0-2. He simply can’t see why Hornet Heaven is supposed be a place of eternal bliss. (33 minutes)

WE WAS ROBBED (Series 1 Episode 2)

In 2015/6, a theft in Hornet Heaven means the residents can’t go to any of the old matches – except for the two most miserable seasons in the club’s history. The thief must be found. (37 minutes)

WE’VE GOT LLOYDINHO (Series 1 Episode 3)

In 2015/6, when club stalwart Lloyd Doyley’s contract comes to an end, the residents of Hornet Heaven do what they can to persuade him not to play for another club. (17 minutes)

ACCEPTABLE IN THE 80s (Series 1 Episode 4)

In 1980/1, the bliss of Hornet Heaven is disturbed when the latest arrival turns out to be a football hooligan. (33 minutes)

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