Series 14

THE GREY GROUNDHOPPER (Series 14 Episode 1)

In November 2020, total boredom with Vladimir Ivic’s football leads to an unexpected broadening of Hornet Heaven’s horizons. (30 minutes)

THE JOYS OF WATFORD (Series 14 Episode 2)

In 1953, a renowned natural historian, who’d far prefer to be studying beetles, is disappointed to find himself in the Watford FC afterlife. (29 minutes)

WE GO AGAIN (Series 14 Episode 3)

In the summer of 2020, a positive-minded character helps the residents of Hornet Heaven bounce back from the disappointment of relegation from the Premier League. (20 minutes)

THE BOY WHO WOULDN’T GROW UP (Series 14 Episode 4)

Plans to celebrate a resident’s 100th anniversary in Hornet Heaven, in January 2021, run into a problem. (42 minutes)