Series 15

TROY STORY (Series 15 Episode 1)

In February 2021, there’s an unexpected new arrival in Hornet Heaven. It’s Troy Deeney. (42 minutes)

THE ROAD TO HORNET HEAVEN (Series 15 Episode 2)

In a post-apocalyptic future, a father and son search for what Watford Football Club has meant to them. (9 minutes)

A version of this story first appeared in the magazine YBR! (

The music is from Nick Cave and Warren Ellis’s score for the original motion picture ‘The Road’.

MR MAINWOOD (Series 15 Episode 3)

In 2002, a Watford fan arriving in Hornet Heaven needs help in acclimatising to the afterlife. (38 minutes)


NO BETTER PLACE (Series 15 Episode 4)

In January 1929, down on earth, a former player watches Watford from the terraces at Vicarage Road. The excitement proves too much. (21 minutes)