Series 3


THE GREAT MAN IS GONE (Series 3 Episode 1)

With Graham Taylor no longer around, and new people running the club, the spirit and values of the Watford family come under threat. (37 minutes)


In late December 2016, the antics of Watford’s mascot – Harry The Hornet – create an impact in Hornet Heaven. (23 minutes)

UP FOR THE CUP (Series 3 Episode 3)

In January 2017, residents of Hornet Heaven take steps to restore the lost magic of the FA Cup. (14 minutes)

NOT QUITE MANAGING (Series 3 Episode 4)

From 2012 to 2015, a former Watford manager is adamant that the club won’t get promoted to the Premier League if they persist with appointing Head Coaches instead of managers. (34 minutes)

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