Series 5


THE TRIBUTE (Series 5 Episode 1)

In summer 2017, Hornet Heaven stages a match in tribute to Watford’s greatest ever manager – but it doesn’t turn out as intended. (60 minutes)


THE PLASTIC (Series 5 Episode 2)

In August 2017, a glory-hunter is discovered in Hornet Heaven. A resident tries to get rid of him. (32 minutes)


NEVER TOO HIGH, NEVER TOO LOW (Series 5 Episode 3)

In September 2017, residents of Hornet Heaven discover a controversial new way to get through the enforced boredom of an international break. (46 minutes)


DIVIDED LOYALTIES (Series 5 Episode 4)

In September 2017, two former players – who played for other teams as well as Watford – become unsure which club they truly love (32 minutes).

(Thanks to the Watford FC Supporters Trust for their kind permission to use ‘Copa De Ibiza Mescla Especial’ from their 2004 CD ‘Watford ’til I die’.)


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