Series 8

MARKED FOR LIFE (Series 8 Episode 1)

In July 2018, a resident of Hornet Heaven gets a tattoo. But it’s a terrible choice. Will he be stuck with it for eternity? (40 minutes)


TILL DEATH US DO JOIN (Series 8 Episode 2) 

In September 2018, the marriage of two Hornet Heaven residents is in crisis. Can Watford’s perfect start to the season re-unite them? (42 minutes)


NOTHING TO FEAR (Series 8 Episode 3) 

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL: In October 2015, a new arrival in Hornet Heaven must overcome her deepest fear. (34 minutes)


THE POWER OF LOVE (Series 8 Episode 4) 

In September 2018, Watford’s brilliant start to the season threatens the very existence of Hornet Heaven. (52 minutes)