Series 9


PRAISE TO THE SAVIOUR (Series 9 Episode 1) 

On Christmas Eve 2018, a former Watford manager attempts to make Hornet Heaven safe from destruction. (13 minutes)


GATHERING WINTER FUEL (Series 9 Episode 2) 

On Christmas morning 2018, a bullied resident exploits Hornet Heaven’s annual collision of afterlives to change the way people treat him. (19 minutes)


HOME FOR CHRISTMAS (Series 9 Episode 3) 

On Christmas Day 2018, a former Watford manager ingratiates himself with the leaders of Hatter Heaven — the afterlife of Watford’s rivals. (16 minutes)


THE GIFT OF PEACE (Series 9 Episode 4) 

On Christmas Day 2018, an entire afterlife of football fans comes under threat of destruction again. (21 minutes)