Vicarage Road will be 100 years old in August 2022. Watford Football Club are planning several activities to mark the centenary.

They’d love your help. Have you got memories or memorabilia (to do with the stadium) that you can bring to the party?

Please contact the club on (or send a letter to Vic 100, Watford FC, Vicarage Road Stadium, Watford, WD18 0ER if you don’t have email) and let them know what the Vic means to you and what you’d like to share with them.

The club will then contact you to check out what you have. They may then arrange an audio or video interview; they may ask to scan photos and flat memorabilia and to photograph objects. These will then be added to the memory bank with your name attributed as the source. They may want to borrow some objects for display in a Watford Museum exhibition.

The 100-year anniversary will be a notable event. Be part of it. Get in touch on