The Big Idea

Hornet Heaven is an afterlife exclusively for Watford fans. It turns out that you’re not just Watford ’til you die, you’re Watford for all eternity.

It’s paradise. You’ll never miss a Watford game for the rest of time. And you can go back and watch any Watford match ever, as often as you like.

The heaven has been in existence since 1881 and is home to generations of Watford fans. There are also plenty of former players and managers, including Skilly Williams, Cliff Holton, Duncan Welbourne and Graham Taylor.

If you’re a Watford fan forever, you’ll love Hornet Heaven.

 *   *   *

The HORNET HEAVEN stories are warm, funny and often poignant. They’re based around historical and present-day events. Find out how to listen here.

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