The Big Idea

Hornet Heaven is where Watford fans go in the afterlife. It turns out you’re not Watford ’til you die, you’re Watford for all eternity.

In Hornet Heaven you can follow Watford for the rest of time: you’ll never miss a game. You can also go back and watch historic Watford matches, over and over again. It’s paradise.

The residents love the place. Every day, generations of fans mix with dear-departed legends such as Skilly Williams, Tommy Barnett, Cliff Holton and Graham Taylor. They watch matches from the present day all the way back to the club’s founding in 1881.

It’s not a bad way to spend eternity.

 *   *   *

HORNET HEAVEN is the setting for narrated stories that are warm, funny and often poignant. Each episode blends fact and fiction to bring to life the reality of supporting Watford Football Club forever. Find out how to listen here.

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