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Our Hornet Heaven stories have been created for fans of Watford Football Club — by fans of Watford Football Club.

They’ve proved very popular.

“Original, funny and moving”  The Guardian

We’ve even won a national award.

Best Sport Podcast 2017 — Silver — British Podcast Awards

So far, we’ve released 50 audio episodes and published 4 volumes of books.

The stories are set in an afterlife resting place reserved exclusively for Watford fans — a paradise called ‘Hornet Heaven’.

There you’ll meet legendary and charismatic characters from Watford history including Henry Grover (the club’s 1881 founder), John Goodall (the first-ever manager), Cliff Holton (goalscoring giant) and The Great Man — Graham Taylor.

The stories are an inventive blend of fact and fiction. Mostly, they’re set in the present day — featuring the club’s current Premier League exploits — but many also feature historic Hornet happenings all the way back to 1881. (There’s a short taster here.)

“Genius… very funny… they really are a great listen” — BBC Three Counties Radio

You can listen to episodes — free — via most podcasting apps or on this site. All details are here.

Or, if you prefer reading to listening, the first 50 episodes are now available in paperback and e-book at Amazon here.

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