Post-match reaction – Arsenal

On the evening of August 27th 2016, shortly after the defeat at home to Arsenal, Bill Mainwood was tidying programmes in the atrium with his 13-year-old programme assistant Derek Garston. ‘Sir, I’ve been thinking,’ Derek trilled in his pre-pubescent voice. ‘Do you think referees have their own special place in the afterlife?’ ‘Like ours, you…

Series Two Has Begun

The second series of Hornet Heaven has kicked off with Episode One – ‘The Family Club’. You can listen here.

Series One – available free

All four episodes of Series One were released – in one go – in late July 2016. There are a number of ways you can listen. (All of them free.) Go HERE and enjoy.    

What is Hornet Heaven?

HORNET HEAVEN is a series of warm, funny and FREE audio stories about supporting a football club for life – and beyond. The stories are set in a paradise reserved exclusively for fans and players who love Watford. Each episode is based around real events and real characters – from 2016 all the way back to the club’s…