Christmas Special – trailer

Our 2017 Xmas Special will be released on Friday 22nd December. It’s a sort of sequel to last year’s. Here’s a sneak preview. As usual, you’ll be able to listen on audioboom or iTunes or acast or PlayerFM. If you want to catch up on last year’s Christmas Special, you can listen right here:   Advertisements

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All about Hornet Heaven

HORNET HEAVEN is a narrated comedy drama about supporting a football club for life – and beyond. The series is set in a fictional afterlife paradise reserved exclusively for fans of Watford Football Club. In Hornet Heaven, fans can carry on watching Watford for the rest of eternity. Each episode uses real events and real characters – from 2017 all […]

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An Evening In Hornet Heaven

On 28th September 2017, we held a unique event. Watford Football Club let us perform an episode of our Hornet Heaven podcast inside Vicarage Road stadium. Our stories are a mix of fact and fantasy about being a Watford fan for the rest of eternity, and our original thought was that it would be a […]

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Happy birthday to us!

We launched Hornet Heaven on 27th July 2016. A year later, there’s more Hornet love in the world than before – which was our one aim. Thanks for listening and re-listening. There’s fresh Hornet Heaven next week: four new episodes.  

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