Hornet Heaven was created by Watford fan Olly Wicken. Olly has written the majority of the stories.

(More info on Olly here.)

The podcast episodes are read by Watford fan Colin Mace (more info here), and were originally produced by Watford fan Jon Moonie, with title music by Steve Joy and Watford fan Geoff Wicken.

Vocals, lyrics and vocal arrangements have been created by Watford fan Stephen John Davis.

Watford fans Mike Smart and Ed Wicken have each co-written episodes with Olly, and Colin Mace also wrote an episode.


The story that originally introduced the idea of Hornet Heaven was commissioned by Watford fan Lionel Birnie and published in Autumn 2013 as a chapter in TALES FROM THE VICARAGE, VOLUME 2 (Peloton Publishing Ltd). Lionel was a great help in shaping the concept of Hornet Heaven. You can buy the series on Amazon here.

The non-fictional elements of the stories owe a great deal to the work of others…

The factual detail about players and matches relies on the magnificent archive created by the tenacious work of the late Watford fan Trefor Jones. You can visit it here.

The characters and certain historical incidents rely on the wonderful books by Watford fan Oliver Phillips about the club’s history and players. They can be bought here and here.

Many of the statistics were provided by Watford fan Jon Sinclair, who runs

Another great source of information and images has been

The development of the stories owes a lot to Watford fans Geoff Wicken and David Harrison who were encouraging and supportive from the original conception of Hornet Heaven.

Last but not least, the stories wouldn’t exist at all if Watford fans Alan and Margaret Wicken hadn’t taken their young sons to Vicarage Road on September 7th 1968.

A big thank you to everyone.