All about Hornet Heaven

HORNET HEAVEN is a narrated comedy drama about supporting a football club for life — and beyond.

The series is set in a fictional afterlife paradise reserved exclusively for fans of Watford Football Club. In Hornet Heaven, fans can carry on watching Watford for the rest of eternity.

Each episode uses real events and real characters — from the present day all the way back to the club’s founding in 1881. The stories explore relevant issues and themes with warmth, humour and — sometimes — sadness.

All episodes are free-to-listen.

Series One was released in July 2016. In 2017, Hornet Heaven was recommended by The Guardian and won the silver award for Best Sport Podcast at the British Podcast Awards.

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You can listen to all the episodes released so far here. Or download them as MP3 files here. Alternatively, you can listen (and subscribe) on iTunes or on Audioboom.

Hornet Heaven is created and written by Watford fan Olly Wicken.

The audio stories are read by Watford fan Colin Mace.