RIP Trefor Jones

We’re feeling bereft at the passing of Trefor Jones — the historian and statistician who did so much to discover and document the history of Watford Football Club.

Trefor compiled the magnificent archive that is — which he’s left as an astonishingly rich legacy for all Watford fans.

We couldn’t have written our stories without this resource. Without its narrative of the club’s history, its stories about club personnel, and its comprehensive facts and figures, we wouldn’t have had the inspiration and knowledge to write Hornet Heaven.

He was also fantastically amenable whenever we asked him for additional facts.

We were so pleased he appreciated and enjoyed our stories. When we met him at a couple of events, we thoroughly enjoyed his company.

We’ll miss him hugely. His work made us understand and appreciate the history of Watford Football Club. In doing so, he shaped, sharpened and deepened our relationship with the club we love.

We’re eternally indebted to Trefor.