An Evening In Hornet Heaven

On 28th September 2017, we held a unique event at Vicarage Road. Watford Football Club allowed us to act out one of our Hornet Heaven stories inside the stadium.

In our fictional stories, the afterlife paradise for Watford fans exists in a parallel dimension at Vicarage Road. For the event, we thought it would be a bit special for our listeners to be sitting — in real life — where the story was taking place.

The club helped make the evening really very special indeed. They let us start our story in the Directors Box, move on to the dug-outs, and act out the story’s pivotal scene in the home dressing room.

They switched on the floodlights for us. They let us use the PA system. They let us dress the set with actual players’ shirts. They let us use the Graham Taylor trophy as a prop.

(The story, if you’d like to listen, has been recorded for audio and can be heard here.)

It was a wonderfully memorable night — for us putting on the show, and for the small audience that we were able to invite. We raised more than £400 for the Watford FC CSE Trust.

We support an amazing club. Thank you Watford FC.

Here are a few pictures from the event, and comments from afterwards, to give you a sense of how special it is be a Watford fan.

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